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Nokang Wellness Center Manufacturer – Canadian Healthcare Supplier

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Nokang Medical Manufacturing

Nokang Medical Manufacturing is a Canadian company located in Scarborough, Ontario filling a need in the marketplace in which the majority of the world’s supply of surgical masks.

  1. All production in Canada
  2. Canadian trademark
  • Product Feature
  1. High-quality surgical maskPassed a comprehensive set of tests for surgical face masks by WORLD AUTHORITY Nelson Lab resulted in Lot #695510016759.

Individual packing of the mask creates barrier protection to avoid the mask catching up with bacteria and dust.

  1. Product name: NK mask
  2. Phone number: 905-233-2233

How to find us or how to place the order. Click Here

Nokang Medical Manufacturing specializes in producing surgical masks for medical use, manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, chemical factories, and everyday use for the population.

ASTM International Standards

At the forefront of our manufacturing, our process is to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) quality control standards.

License Supportive

Nokang Canada Manufacturing has been issued a Medical Device Establishment Licence from the Medical Devices Compliance and Licencing Unit of Health Canada.

License Number: 13551

CO ID : 157844

NOKANG Medical Mask SafeMask Premier Elite Earloop Face Mask ASTM 3

  • Bacterial Filtration (BFE) > 99%
  • Particle Filtration (PPE) > 99%
  • Differential Pressure : mmH2O/cm2 < 5.0
  • mm H2O/cm2 (Pa/cm2): < 50.0
  • Fluid Resistance: 160 mm Hg
  • Non Sterilization
  • Shingle pleat design (will not lint, tear or shred), prevents the pooling of fluids and cross-contamination
  • Dye Free non-woven layer
  • Latex-Free, Non-dust Package
  • 1 Mask per Clear Bag, 120 Masks per Box
  • Made in Canada
  • Distributors: Amazon, Walmart, healthcare centers
  • Products:

    NOKANG’s Mask Surgical Level 3

Contact Details

Opening Times

  • Monday 10 AM To 4 PM
  • Tuesday 10 AM To 4 PM
  • Wednesday 10 AM To 4 PM
  • Thursday 10 AM To 4 PM
  • Friday 10 AM To 4 PM
  • Saturday Closed
  • Sunday Closed

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