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The Different Types of Weed Seeds and Their Characteristics

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How To Grow Weed At Home

If you’re a dedicated cannabis smoker, you may want to consider growing your own weed. For those interested in growing at home, the process isn’t very difficult. The two main parts of growing weed at home are choosing the right kind of plant to start with, and preparing the environment for your plants to grow in.

The first step to growing is choosing your desired plant. For those looking to grow weed at home, you’ll want to look for Indica or Sativa strains, as they produce effects that are often sought after when using cannabis. There are many different breeds of these strains, so be sure to research the ideal strain for your purposes. Some of the popular breed names you may want to be familiar with include the Afghan, Thai, Northern Lights, and Black Domina strains.

Once you’ve decided on the ideal strain to start with, the next step is growing your seeds. For hydroponic growing, you’ll need to soak your seeds for at least a day and keep them in a dark environment with adequate levels of humidity. The ideal temperature for hydroponic growing is between 75°F and 90°F.

The growing medium will provide nutrients to the seeds, but the environment should also provide a base for the seeds to grow in. You can add sand, coco coir, peat moss, or even vermiculite to the growing medium, but you should always keep an eye on the moisture levels of your growing medium. The more moisture the medium absorbs, the greater the chances your seeds will sprout. If the growing medium is too dry, you’ll likely have trouble getting the seeds to grow. Be sure to use a grow light at night if you’re using a hydroponic system.


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