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The Secrets to Creating a Life-Changing Relationship

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Great marriages don’t happen by accident. Instead, they’re designed by couples who understand that developing a relationship takes time and work. Read more about Marriage counseling on this blog post on YOGI TIMES.


As a youngster, did you ever fantasize about finding your ideal match and living happily ever after? Did you, on the other hand, anticipate your prince to show up at your door and take you off your feet?


I’m confident I did. My senses, however, told me that my love and I would be the attractive older couple walking down the path with twinkles in our eyes. Since then, I’ve discovered that unique partnerships aren’t merely born; they’re nurtured!


After 25 years of marriage and relationship therapy, Bob and I have discovered what couples do to create a beautiful connection that lasts “till death do us part.” Couples who survive and establish deeply intimate relationships, in our perspective, have three key features. The following are the details:


  1. Extraordinary couples actively and purposefully co-create their relationships. When a couple’s emotional and sexual love for one another is at its pinnacle, they usually marry. Companions have a deep and strong friendship, as well as similar future ambitions. They like sex and are having a good time in their relationship. They believe that since they have found “the one” who will make them happy for the rest of their life, these emotional and sexual love emotions will always be there. It’s incredibly natural! Isn’t that how it ought to be?


If this were true, there would be a lot fewer broken families. The problem isn’t that a life of love is impossible to achieve; it’s that most people anticipate or expect their relationships to last forever. Regrettably, this could not be farther from the truth. Almost every couple who comes to see us has gradually drifted apart because they were unaware of it.


Extraordinary couples understand that they can only succeed if they prioritize their relationship, make a concerted effort, and sincerely love one other. They make an effort to understand and appreciate one another’s differences. When problems arise, individuals seek aid from one another rather than a family member or friend. When individuals feel trapped and unable to solve problems, they seek alternatives and help, such as therapy.


  1. Extraordinary couples have empathy for one another and themselves. Partners may begin a marriage with little or no understanding of their baggage, such as how their upbringing and history difficulties may affect their relationship. Whether she recognizes it or not, a woman who was abandoned as a kid by her father would feel abandoned by her husband at some point, such as when he wants to spend the weekend with the guys. She may be concerned about his departure without realizing that the root of her anxiety is her “baggage” sneaking up on her. They fight about his leaving her because they don’t understand how her history is being reactivated.


It is commonly known that remarkable couples carry baggage to their relationships. However, they are aware of each other’s history and stick when life throws them a curveball. They show each different empathy, compassion, and appreciation in diverse ways, and they don’t expect forgiveness from one another. Instead, they take responsibility for their part in the problem, work through it as a group, apologize sincerely, and disregard conflict when it arises.

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