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Treasure Tower Rewards Canada

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Since its creation in 2001 the Treasure Tower has proven to be the best toy rewards program to both motivate and reward children.

The Treasure Tower Rewards Program is based on an 8-selection toy tower that creates an “event” for the child.

Young children are awarded Tokens to take to the Treasure Tower (toy tower) to redeem for a prize. Whether it’s dental toys, medical toys, or educational toys we have products for you.

We are the #1 toy rewards program in Canada.

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  • Monday 9-5 PST
  • Tuesday 9-5 PST
  • Wednesday 9-5 PST
  • Thursday 9-5 PST
  • Friday 9-5 PST

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  • BENEFITS If you are currently using an open toy box system for your toy rewards you know children LOVE to dig in and hunt for their favourite toy. With the Treasure Tower Toy Rewards Program not only are they getting a toy, but kids are SUPER excited about earning the TOKEN and love the "toy tower". It's so much fun to watch their eyes light up.

    Since our toy tower is a closed toy rewards system children can no longer take more than one toy. This helps to reduce the cost per child as they can only receive one toy per token.

    They also can't dig through the toys in your Treasure Tower either, greatly reducing the amount of bacteria transfer that can occur in an open treasure chest system. Did you know that during the flu season 1 in 3 children will contract the flu virus? Our toy machine can help to solve this problem and provide sanitary toys for children.

    Young patients are awarded SUPER PATIENT TOKENS at the end of their visit to take to the Treasure Tower to redeem for a prize. Since no supervision is needed, they can take as long as they want to choose their prize and they are limited to one prize per token.

    Toys are capsulated and organized in separate canisters, perfect for the dental or medical office, guaranteeing each child will receive the toy they want and that it will be new and sanitary. They want to come back to your office because of the Treasure Tower Toy Rewards Program! We've taken the medical and dental toy vending machine to a whole new level! As a dentist or doctor in Canada whether your looking for dental toys or medical toys for your younger patients we have the #1 toy rewards program for you. Your patients and their parents will tell their friends about your "toy machine"! In 18" of space the children can have up to 8 choices of toys from our toy tower! It's like spending 30 seconds in Disneyland!

    Quarters provided by the parent may also be used if extra toys are desired by the patient or sibling.

  • Testimonials "Having the Treasure Tower at Oliver Dental Care has been very exciting for the kids as well as for the parents and staff.

    Treasure Tower is a time saver for families as the organized tower is much easier to choose from then a large box of toys. It really does take the guess work out of it for the children. They are excited to come back for their next appointment as the toys are categorized with different characters, sizes, colors and even the surprise mix is fun for the adventurous child.

    Treasure Tower was easy to set up with straight forward instructions and has minimal maintenance. Emptying coins and refilling toys takes only minutes; quick and easy is what we need in our fast paced office.

    ODC staff and patients have been very pleased with the introduction of our Treasure Tower. We would highly recommend this product to other offices wanting to switch to a cost effective, hygienic option for prizes."
    -Dr. Jordan Noftle and Staff, Oliver Dental Care, BC

    "We often talk about how much the children love getting their tokens and choosing their prize at the end of their appointments. We want to thank Treasure Tower for being such a great supplier and assisting us with rewarding the children after their appointments."
    -Dr. M. Nikoui, Kids & Teens Dentistry - ON

    "The Treasure Tower is a great addition to our office....we love it!!!. It is a hygienic, easy and effective reward system for our little patients and best of all, it is very economical. The kids look forward to choosing their treat themselves. We receive excellent service when purchasing and re-ordering our prizes. Dentistry 4 Kids highly recommends the Treasure Tower for all offices not just pediatrics."
    -Dr. S. Dhanji & Dentistry 4 Kids, ON

    "I am finding that the kids are really enjoying the token concept and look forward to receiving their prize. It also helps control the area around the prize area and controls the prizes being received. In the past, there would be a sibling upset about not getting a prize, but with the tokens it controls who is being rewarded for treatment."
    -Eileen, CDA II, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Oral Health Services, MB

    "We are a pediatric dental office and we're very pleased to have our Treasure Tower. It is very convenient, reasonably priced, clean and our kids love it. It gives them an independent feel as they take the token they have earned to the tower. We don't have kids touching all the toys, as they come out one a time. Thank you so much for introducing us to the Treasure Tower!!"
    -Lots of love The Pediatric Dental Group Delta - BC

    "My patients and parents love the Treasure Tower Rewards System. The children love the whole idea of using their 'great behaviour' reward token to receive their special toy. Parents love it because it saves having a child rummage through the previous toy basket trying to find a toy they want. My staff loves it as there is less fighting between siblings as to what toy to pick out. I love it because of the decreased chance of cross-contamination of toys. I only wish I picked this up when I first opened up my practice.
    -Pediatric Dentist - ON

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