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Dr. Neuman General dentistry

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ur skilled, highly trained team is committed to providing high quality, long-lasting dentistry. Our services include:

General dentistry to help you achieve healthy smiles for life.

Preventive dentistry to stop dental problems from happening in the first place

Ceramic crowns— (also called ‘caps’) are non-removable ‘jackets’ that cover your natural tooth. They not only protect the tooth but restore form and function. Crowns are recommended for teeth with large or worn fillings, large cavities, cracks or other damage.

Crowns can be made of ceramics or metal (or a combination of both), but in all cases, they strengthen and protect the remaining part of your tooth. We can shade ceramic crowns to match the color of your natural teeth. In fact, ceramic crowns are the natural-looking solution that nobody will know you have.

Bridges — when you lose a tooth or teeth, it has an impact on your remaining teeth which tend to “drift” out of position. This leads to crooked teeth, a change in your bite, possible gum disease and tooth decay, and the possible loss of more teeth.

Fixed bridges are non-removable restorations made up of one or more replacement teeth. They are anchored by one or more crowns on each side or are cemented or bonded to remaining teeth. Bridges can include up to four replacement teeth (with natural teeth on both sides of the gap to act as anchors) and look very natural.

Periodontics — the treatment of gum disease, the most prevalent disease in the US today and the number one cause of tooth loss in adults (periodontic treatment)

Implants – nowadays we can replace teeth using dental implants, probably the greatest advancement in dentistry since anaesthesia.

With implants you can laugh, bite, and chew just as you would with your natural teeth. That’s because they are the next best thing to natural teeth — prosthetic teeth that are attached to permanently imbedded anchors.

(Click here for more information on implants)

Esthetic dentistry – for the smile of your dreams

  • Veneers — one of the most exciting esthetic services available in dentistry. Veneers are hand-crafted “shells” made from porcelain to exacting specifications to give your smile a whole new look.This is an extremely conservative treatment that requires only minimal preparation of the tooth but the results are immediate and dramatic.Whether your natural teeth are stained, chipped, gapped or crooked, you can leave our office with a smile that will fill you with pride and self-confidence!
  • Whitening — we’ve all see advertising for a host of tooth whitening products but for something as important as your smile, professional help makes good sense.We use only safe, proven and effective materials and methods and we provide expert guidance and supervision.We are proud to offer the Zoom!® one appointment bleaching treatment as seen on Extreme Makeover.
  • Bonding — esthetic bonding is the application of a durable resin layer to the surface of the teeth which is sculptured to the desired shape and size. The resin can be color matched to the natural teeth or lightened for a whiter smile.Because no laboratory fabrication in involved, as it is with veneers, the bonding process can be done in a single appointment.

Full Mouth Reconstruction— if your teeth are broken down, if you have problems with your bite or you don’t like to smile because you are embarrassed about the appearance of your teeth, a full mouth reconstruction could be the answer you are looking for.

First we establish a solid foundation by bringing your gums to a state of good health.

Then, Dr. Neuman applies his years of experience and esthetic training to perform a full mouth reconstruction with a combination of treatments such as veneers, crowns, implants and whitening.

He will also ensure that there is an ideal relationship between your teeth, bone, gums, and muscles to ensure the proper bite(occlusion) when your full mouth reconstruction is completed.

This process not only gives you a proper bite, but cures those sore jaw muscles and headaches that result from poor occlusion. And, of course, you will have a smile to be proud of!

Your Safety – your health and safety are our most important concerns and we maintain strict standards of cleanliness and sterilization. We wear gloves and masks when we work in your mouth. We use disposable equipment whenever possible, we sterilizere-usable materials and disinfect clinical areas of the practice after each patient.


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