Terms And Condition

Dentist Directory Canada Agreement with Smart Satellite Inc (“Supplier” and “Provider”)
License and Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement by using THIS MEMBERSHIP SITE, YOU AGREE YOU HAVE READ THIS AGREEMENT, UNDERSTAND AND ACCEPT All the Terms and conditions And to BE LEGALLY BOUND BY THEM.


Dentistdirectorycanada.com, DDC retains the right to monitor all accounts to figure out the quantity of usage and the sorts of searches being conducted, including the monitoring of selected records within the database.

2.LENIENCE AND Restrictions:

Upon payment of the Contract Price, the Supplier shall provide to you a limited, non-exclusive, non-sub licensable license to utilize the information provided subject to the terms of this agreement and the scope of your full rights are determined by whether you have purchased: ( a ) or ( b ). No transfer of information obtained from the Provider to any party is permitted, unless expressly authorized herein.
The Information would possibly not be used for the sake of providing any services to other parties, whether or not to make profits including though not restricted to: providing mailing lists, sales prospecting lists, survey lists, broadcast faxes, broadcast, email, publishing of directories, or any other information or consulting service which can supply or prepares information throughout computer.
You may not use, copy, distribute, translate, transmit, merge, modify, transfer, conform, loan, rent, lease, assign, share, sub-license or make available to another party, the Information in any way, except as specifically provided for in this agreement.
You need to take all necessary provisions to stop anybody else from violating the terms of this agreement.
This section shall survive the termination of this agreement.
a )
Regular, non-PI-recognition accounts : DDC requires every individual user to have a singular,
registered User ID and password for the website in all non-PI-recognition accounts. Only one User
can log on with a specific User ID at any time; multiple, simultaneous Users cannot share User IDs and passwords; User may not resell or redistribute the information to third parties, including User’s clients or people within the User’s organization. Further User IDs can be purchased at special extra
Seat prices, and turned on right away. Please contact us for more information.
b )
IP-recognition: DDC account with IP-recognition offers unrestricted log-ins for anybody accessing DDC from your IP-address thereby getting rid of the obligation for individual IDs and
passwords. DDC  IP-recognition accounts are licensed in the opinion of the predetermined total number of users that may Log in from that IP number, and it’s the Licensee’s responsibility to manage and impose the total limit as released on the following page of this agreement.

This license agreement is for a term of one year from the date of activation. If Supplier issues a renewal invoice that is paid in full before the end of the existing term, this agreement will instantly renew for
A one-year term (Twelve months) on the same terms and conditions.

This Database and web site (http://dentistdirectorycanada.com /) is protected by Canadian, United States, and international copyright and intellectual Property laws. All claims to the Database
And web site belong to DDC and Smart Satellite Inc. By Downloading Information, you don’t become the owner of the Information, but are titled only to use it in accordance with the conditions of this agreement.

5.Information CONDITIONS: except as particularly provided herein,
dentistdirectorycanada.com supplies the Database and all resulting Information Subsets “AS IS”.
dentistdirectorycanada.com gives no other express or implied warranties representations, promises
Or guarantees of any type, statutory or otherwise, with respect to the database, its functions, contents, or user paperwork. While dentistdirectorycanada.com makes every effort to keep the Information base complete, correct and up to date, the whole risk regarding the quality and performance of the database and the results from use of selected Information Subsets is with you. You presume all responsibility for selection of the Information Subsets wanted to achieve your intended results, and for the utilization of and results obtained from the Information Subset.

6.LIMITATION OF Responsibility:
In no event will DDC, and Smart Satellite be responsible for any damages including though not restricted to, any lost profits, lost savings, indirect, special, incidental, commercial or consequential damages, arising out of the use, or inability to utilize the database or Information Subsets, or for claim by any other party. In no case will Dentist directory Canada, and Smart Satellite INC responsible, in any sort of legal claim in any way connected with the utilization of Dentist directory Canada web site or the database, for more than the amount paid by you for the utilization of the Information. Dentistdirectorycanada.com, and Smart Satellite INC. entire liability and your exclusive remedy shall be at the option of Dentistdirectorycanada.com to either refund the amount you paid for the Information Subset or offer you corrected items.

7.INDEMNITY: In the eventuality of any claim, suit or action by any third party against the Provider forthcoming from any usage of the Information, you / User shall recompense and hold innocuous the Supplier against any judgment, liability, loss, cost or damage (including any settlement amount, legal proceedings costs and Reasonable legal costs ) related to such claim, suit or action. If you have any questions or require extra information referring to this Agreement, please contact: Smart Satellite Inc
Po Box 28152,Vancouver BC, V6C 3T7, Canada

8. JURISDICTION: The laws applicable to this contract are the laws of Canada and the Province of British Columbia. Any disputes must be resolved in the courts located in the City of Vancouver, Province of British Columbia.

End of On line Contract