Duncan, BC Dentists Directory

Dentist Directory Duncan British Columbia is a one stop resource that offers a list of various dental clinics in Duncan British Columbia. Find a particular dental practice in Duncan British Columbia City related to :

General, family dentistry including preventative care, cavities, cleaning and whitening, cosmetic dentistry including dental implants, porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns and bridges.

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Find Dentists In DUNCAN, BC Canada

Island Dental Health Cnetre
Dr. Randall Koniuk
300 – 2700 Beverly Street,
Duncan, BC V9L 5C7
Phone: 250-748-3334

Valley Dental Clinic
Dr. Gordon Levin
101-321 Festubert St
Duncan, BC V9L 3T1
P: 250-746-9697


Cowichan Valley Dental Centre
Dr. Anna M Wang
345 Jubilee St
Duncan, BC V9L 1W9
P: 250-746-0003


Dr. Sandra Sudmant
1-223 Ingram St
Duncan, BC V9L 1P3
P: 250-748-6888
Beautiful Smiles Denture Clinic
201-371 Brae Road
Duncan, BC V9L 1A2
Phone: (250) 748 3843
Dr. Kirk Bartlett
207-435 Trunk Rd
Duncan, BC V9L 2P5
P: 250-746-4011


Dr. Maico D. Melo, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Maico D Melo
371 Brae Road, Suite 202
Duncan, BC V9L 3T9
P: 250 727-3390


Doctor Ron Smith Creating Beautiful Healthy Smile

Ron Smith 
#300-2700 Beverly Street,
Duncan, B.C. V9L 5C7
Phone: (250) 7481125
Fax: (250) 748 5739

Warmland Dental
Dr. Tom Roozendaal
921 Canada Ave
Duncan, BC V9L 1V2
P: (250) 715-1010


Dr. E Tang
2728 James St

Duncan, BC V9L 2X9
P: 250-748-6865


Ingram Dental Centre
Dr. Erin Burley
202-149 Ingram St
Duncan, BC V9L 1N8
P: (250) 748-9231
Dr. Amy H Y Tseng
1-271 Ingram St
Duncan, BC V9L 1P3
P: 250-748-1252

Island Perio
Dr. Tanya Tuckey
211 – 435 Trunk Road
Duncan, BC V9L 2P5
P: 250-383-1331


Dr. Stephen Fowler
104-372 Coronation Ave
Duncan, BC V9L 2T3
P: 250-746-8700

HILLTOP Dental Dr. Eric Meiner & Associates
Dr. Eric Meiner
202-372 Coronation Ave
Duncan, BC V9L 2T3
P: 250-746-6533


Dahlstrom Dental 

Dr. Joey Dahlstrom

921D Canada Avenue

Duncan, BC V9L 1V2
P: 250-715-1880


Reflexions Dental
300-2640 Beverly St
Duncan, BC V9L 5C7
P: 250-748-1322


Alderlea Dental Health Centre
Dr. J R Benham
11-301 Festubert Street
Duncan, BC V9L 3T1
P: 250-748-1842
Dr. Gerald E Philippson
1-177 Fourth St
Duncan, BC V9L 5J8
P: 250-748-3123
Dr. David Thom
138 Station St
Duncan, BC V9L 1M7
P: 250-597-3283