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APK Instrument Canada Inc

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Who We Are

APK Instrument Canada Inc. is the Licensee Importer with the MDEL Licence Number 5105 and Sole Distributor of the Huge Dental Material Co. Ltd. which is the established manufacturer of Synthetic Polymer Teeth (Artificial Teeth) and Dental products that export to North America from China. Due to the extreme quality control of the products which passed and possessed ISO 13485:2003 CMDCAS, ISO 9001:2008,the European CE and the Japanese JIS certifications. In the year 2010 the manufacturer was approved by the FDA of the United States, established and registered and is the only one exporter in China of the Artificial Teeth that export to North America. In November 2012,their production plant was inspected by UK SGS that was appointed by Health Canada. After that all the denture products were approved with the Medical Device Licence

APK Instrument Canada Inc. is the licensee importer of these dental products and in the core business and services of the dental device products to all the dental laboratories and the denturists as well as the dentistry. We are standing by in the service to the dental industries with the best reasonable price and the best and qualified products.



Synthetic Polymer Teeth

–  Maist

–  Sonning

–  Kaifeng

–  Bluebell

–  Kaitong

–  Kaili

Silicone Impression Materials

–  Perfit Light Body

–  Perfit Heavy Body

–  Perfit Bite Registration

–  Perfit Putty Auto-Mix

–  Perfit Heavy Body Auto-Mix

–  Perfit Duplication Silicone

–  Perfit Putty

–  Perfit Accessories

Zirconia Milling Machine

–  D. Miller A4

Denture Base Polymers

PMMA Blocks

–  Multilayer Disc Block

–  Digitemp Block

–  Disc Block

Wax Block

–  Wax Block

Acrylic Shells

LC Trays & Units


–  Teeth Cabit

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  • Email sales@apkdentalsupplies.com

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