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Autoclave Testing Services Inc

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Who We Are

Autoclave Testing Service, Inc. has become a widely recognized industry leader in sterility assurance products. Our laboratory provides comprehensive testing using biological indicators that challenge your sterilization system, assuring you that it is sterilizing.  We provide the most professional, cost effective sterilizer monitoring service available in the industry.  We strive to have our clients compliant with their state regulations and reduce their risk of liability with detailed sterilizer test reports.  We offer competitive pricing and will customize a program to fit your needs.  Our test kit is unique to the industry as it provides an immediate verification of sterilization, while the biological spore test is mailed to our laboratory for processing.  In the event of a test failure, you will be immediately notified, and a free re-test will be issued.

Biological spore testing is the only accepted method of verifying sterilization has taken place, through the death of the dual spores.  The spore strip test is placed in the autoclave during a normal sterilization cycle.  The spore strips are then returned to our laboratory for culturing. The documented result of the spore test is a valid proof of sterilization. To choose a program that fits your needs, see  or call today for our competitive rates and program choices, a free trial spore test kit, or our full color brochure.

Biological indicator (or spore test) monitoring of sterilizers is now mandated in 39 states. The CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for Disease) recommends “monitor sterilizers at least weekly by using a biological indicator”.  AAMI standards of 2006 recommends “weekly, preferably daily monitoring…containing a biological indicator.”



Record Keeping Systems

Cold Sterilization

High-Level Disinfectants & Sterilants

–  14-Day High-Level Disinfectants & Sterilants

–  28-Day High-Level Disinfectants & Sterilants

–  High-Level Disinfectant / Sterilant Monitoring Strips

–  Instrument Trays

Instrument Pre-Cleaning & Lubrication

–  Instrument Cleaners

–  Instrument Lubricants

–  Instrument Trays

Surface Disinfectants & Monitoring

–  Surface Disinfectants

–  Surface Protein Monitoring

Ultrasonic Cleaners & Monitoring

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic Cleaner Accessories

Washer-Disinfector Monitoring

Chemical Vapor

Chemical Vapor Spore Testing

Chemical Vapor Sterilization Indicator Tape

Chemical Vapor Sterilization Pouches / Bags

Dry Heat

Dry Heat Chemical Indicators

Dry Heat Spore Testing

Dry Heat Sterilization Pouches / Bags

Dry Heat Sterilization Tubing

EO Gas

EO Gas Sterilization Pouches / Bags

EO Gas Sterilization Tubing

Ethylene Oxide Spore Testing

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Tape


Bowie-Dick Testing

–  Bowie-Dick Green Card Test System

–  Bowie-Dick Green Card Record-keeping System

–  Bowie-Dick Disposable Test Packs

Chemical Indicator Testing

–  Chemical Indicator PCD

–  Class 1 Indicators

–  Class 4 Indicators

–  Class 5 Integrators

–  Class 6 Emulators

In-Office Spore Testing

–  24 Hour In-Office Indicator Spore Testing

–  10 Hour In-Office Spore Testing

–  1 & 3 Hour 3M In-Office Spore Testing

–  Biological Indicator Process Challenge Device

Intrument Packaging & Storage

–  Crepe Paper & SMS Wrap

–  Labeling Systems

–  Sterilization Indicator Tape

–  Sterilization Pouches / Bags

–  Sterilization Tubing & Accessories

Mail-In Spore Testing

Sterilizers & Accessories

–  Sterilizer Cleaners

–  Door Gaskets

–  Water Distillers

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  • Email info@sterilizermonitoring.ca

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