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BIOMED Dispose-It

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Who We Are

Biomed Dispose-It Ltd. is a (newly formed) sister company of MEDI-TRAN SERVICES LTD which is a widely recognized, certified, insured and bonded mail forwarder and hazardous waste carrier that has been serving the delivery needs of the dental, health care and related communities since 1986.

MTS Logistics is the only company that is completely dedicated to healthcare courier service which is licenced by the Ministry of Environment for Hazardous Waste. MTS is completely dedicated to the healthcare community and to providing a secure and reliable distribution system for mail, delivery of goods, as well as hazardous waste within these communities.

With over 120 people working at MTS, there is a large core of workers that have been with the company for more than 15 years. This continuity provides a very high level of service that the healthcare practitioners of BC would not normally find anywhere else. The staff and drivers are keenly aware of special needs and security required to handle the transport of important documents and supplies required in the region.

In addition, this information is passed on through every level of the organization which includes intensive training drills and security protocol.

MTS Logistics / Medi-Tran Services was originally formed in 1986 in Vancouver, British Columbia to serve as a network for the exchange of medical information within the health care community. Currently serving all of the health authorities for British Columbia in the areas where the MTS infrastructure is available to facilitate overnight services.
Biomed Dispose-It Ltd.is dedicated to elevating the services that MTS Logistics provides and serving the healthcare community in the most convenient and cost-effective way to include disposing of sharps, syringes and other waste materials.


1L Sharps Container

2.5L Sharps Container

3L Sharps Container

4.55L Pharmaceutical Pail

4.75L Sharps Container

5L Sharps Container

8L Sharps Container

11L Pea Trap Pail

12L Sharp Container

22L Sharps, Tubing, Gauze Pail

22L Pharmaceutical Pail

44L Bemis Sharps

50L AP Medical Container

Clean-Up Box

Strong Boxes, Wall Mounts & Brackets

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  • Email info@biomeddisposeit.com

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