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Canada Handpiece

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Who We Are

We are specialists in the field of handpiece service, overhauls, dental handpiece repair, and reconditioning of pneumatic and electric high speed and low speed dental handpieces, straight and contra attachments, heads and scalers. We handle parts and products which are ancillary to that specialty: and nothing else. We endeavor to provide the best value and speediest service in the field of repairing dental handpieces: serving Canada, coast to coast.

Brands Handled Here

Dental handpiece repair service at Canada Handpiece includes all models of Sable Ind, Kavo, Lares, Mid West, NSK, Siemens, Star, Shein, TKD, W&H, Japanese Style, and all other brands of handpieces that we’ve seen in Canada.

Specialty Work

Included are fiber optic replacements, rethreading worn tail-ends, re-brazing and refitting heads and joints, and specialty machine work on old or unusual dental handpieces. We have work sent to us from other repair entities that they don’t have the parts and technology for, and we often receive handpieces that were returned, un-repaired (“we can’t fix this”) by various dental suppliers to dentists: who them send them to us to repair properly.

What types? ALL types!

We handle repairs on air-driven and electric handpieces, attachments, heads and motors.

Economy: We work to keep it that way.

We overhaul when performing repairs on turbines for dental handpieces, whenever possible: instead of simply dropping in a new turbine (at 3 or 4 times the cost of an overhaul): and we advise you, after proper assessment, if it is necessary to replace the whole turbine due to a worn out chuck. That way, you get the best of repairs possible, as economical as possible.

Our Work is Guaranteed…..

We guarantee our work for 6 months on a ‘no quibble’ basis, equal to the longest repair service guarantee available. We have the resources, materials, and attitude to do it right. We are noted for our specially designed Handpiece Administrative Shipping kit, and for our fast and friendly service.

…..and Our Work is FAST.

Our turnaround policy on highspeed handpiece overhauls is 2 days, and on low speeds 3 days: MAXIMUM. Usually, overhauls and most dental handpiece repair items are completed the day they arrive, and are shipped that day or the next. We welcome you to call, write or fax us regarding questions, or to simply send those repairs in.

Parts and Pieces, replacements and supplies

New OEM turbines and cartridges, Highspeeds, Lowspeeds and Attachments are available here. We supply DCI purge stations, adaptors, air pressure test gauges, turbines, cartridges, new and reconditioned dental handpieces and most ancillary handpiece supplies.

Economical re-conditioned handpieces

We also recondition used handpieces, sending as many as we can to our favorite charitable organization and selling others at fair prices. This is the place for Students to buy their first handpiece, or Doctors to have economical backups: at a fraction of the ‘new’ price.

Education: Handpieces: Care and Maintenance

We invest a great deal of time and money in educating the Dental Industry on proper maintenance, lubrication and sterilization of handpieces. Maintenance keeps the tools where they should be: in the Doctors of Dentistrys’ hands. Education is by way of seminars, fax bulletins, and mini-lectures, information by request, the 6-hour CE creditable Sessions through the Certified Dental Assistants Association, the same sessions available directly to Doctors/Clinics, and education by other means. We recognize that it is a two way street: and we give BACK to the industry. Some information on handpieces is here, PSI and wall charts and tips are supplied in this website.

The single best thing you can do to reduce repair costs

We’ve dedicated a great deal of time in researching the best handpiece lubricants, and in conjunction with Aerospace Lubricants, Inc and Handpiece Ancillary Products Co, have assisted in developing EZ lube OneStep: the best dental handpiece lubricant. It is available in the best delivery (maintenance style) containers available, at excellent prices. And your Canada handpiece warrantee period will increase if you use it.

Accepting for value:

We often buy used dental handpieces outright, for cash, for a credit to your account, or for exchange on our repair services or parts and products. We re-condition as many as possible for econonical used handpieces.



Repair Cost Savers

Dollar Saver Coupons: Service-and-Repairs-in-Advance

Handpiece Administration & Shipping Kit

Handpiece Maintenance Tasks: Supplies

Handpiece Lubricant

Aerosol Spray Can Nozzles Adaptors

Flush / Purge Station for Sterilization Room

–  Adaptors for Purge Station

–  Seals for Adaptors: Purge Station

High Speed Handpieces & Couplers

High Speed Fiber Optic Handpieces

–  KaVo & NSK Brand Compatible Fit High Speed Handpieces

–  Airlight by Beyes

–  W&H and Sirona Brand Compatible Fit Handpieces

–  Sable & MK-Dent Brand Compatible Fit Handpieces

–  MK Dent’s BienAir and Beyes Brand Compatible Fit Handpieces

–  High Speed Handpieces Set MK-Dent

High Speed Non-Lighted Handpiecess

–  Handpieces: BienAir and Beyer Brand Compatible Fit Handpieces

–  Handpieces: KaV0 & NSK Brand Compatible Fit Handpieces

–  Handpieces: Sable & MK-Dent Brand Compatible Fit Handpieces

–  Handpieces: Sable & MK-Dent Brand Coupled Handpieces

–  Handpieces: W&H and Sirona Brand Compatible Fit Handpieces

Couples for High Speed Handpieces

–  KaVo & NSK Fitting

–  Sable & MK-Dent Fitting

Slow Speed Handpieces

Slow Speed Motors 5K to 25K

Slow Speed Packs: Motor, Contra & Head Combined

Attachments: Contra Angles, Nosecones

Heads for Contra and Attachment

NSK & Star Type Interchangeable Heads

KaVo Compatible & Interchangeable Heads

MidWest Style Heads

Electric Power and Lighting: Bulbs, Fiber Optics, Power Systems

Bulbs: Both Regular Xenon and LED

–  Xenon Bulbs

–  LED Bulbs

Light Controls: Complete Sets or Control Boards, Transformers by Sable Industries

Lighting Power Pack by MK Dent

Handpiece General Supplies

Air and Air / Water Lines Tubing

Handpiece Tail End & Coupler Gaskets and Seals

Scalers: Ultrasonic: Dental and Veteranary

Contact Details

Opening Times

  • Monday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Tuesday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Thursday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Saturday CLOSED
  • Sunday CLOSED

Other Information

  • Email CanHand@shaw.ca

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