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Best Implantologist :Dr.Mukkesh Jetley

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Dental Implants are titanium screws replicating the root of a tooth that replace missing tooth or teeth that cannot be saved by conventional means.

Dental Implants feel, look and function like natural teeth. There is no more need to wear uncomfortable dentures or grind the adjoining teeth to fit bridges.

The crowns which fit over the dental implant are made of porcelain fused to precious metal.

At our clinic Dental Implants are placed under medication and local anesthesia in the Dental Chair.

Suitability for Dental Implants.

1. Adequate bone support in terms of quality and volume

2. Excellent oral prophylactic procedures such as brushing, dental flossing.

3. General medical requirements are met.

These factors are to be assessed by a proper oral examination.

All categories of dental implants surgical procedures are undertaken in this clinic. Dental implants used at this clinic are sourced from the best companies of the world.

  1. Endosteal implant (is directly placed into the bone like natural tooth roots)
  2. Subperiosteal implant (is used when the bone has atrophied and jaw structures is limited)
  3. Intramucosal inserts (used with removable dentures

Most of the dental implants surgical procedures are carried out under local anaesthesia and medication by highly trained and experienced implantologists where a single implant procedure may take about 15 minutes. These surgical procedures are carried out under strict asepsis conditions and are relatively painless.

Immediate loading implants are those where the crown or cap is placed on the tooth implant immediately after its surgical placement in jaw bone in a single sitting.

In most of the implant surgical cases, the crown, bridge or denture is fabricated and placed approximately 3 to 6 months from the date of the implant insertion.

The cost of the implant surgical procedures are relatively inexpensive compared to the quality of the implants used and the skill of the implantologists by international standards.

The success of the various implant surgeries undertaken in this clinic are guaranteed.

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