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Gum Disease and Tooth Loss

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Today in Family Dental Center we would like to talk about gum disease and how is often silent and the symptoms don’t appear until the advance stages and because of this there are a lot of people who are suffering from gum disease and are not aware of it. In the early stages of gum disease your gums are easily inflamed and bleed easily while in the latter stages you can start losing your teeth. Because of eventual tooth loss it is important to have good oral hygiene. Best of all, if you are able to see your dentist and hygienist regularly, you will be able to become aware of gum disease before it advances onto the later stages.

The Mouth
Not many people know this but the mouth contains from 800 to 1000 different types of bacteria. It is important to be aware that some of the bacteria in your mouth are harmless while others that are responsible for the development of gum disease. Because the food that we eat contains sugars and the inside of the mouth has an environment where the bacteria responsible for gum disease can reproduce, not having a good oral health care routine can be detrimental to your gums.


Signs and Symptoms of Gum Disease There are certain signs that you need to watch out for so that you know if you have gum disease and you can detect it during its early stage. This will help save you a lot of trouble later on.

  • Gums that bleed while you are brushing your teeth – Unless you have injured your gums because of something that you ate or you have brushed improperly, your gums should not bleed.
  • Swollen gums – You can tell if your gums are inflamed if they feel hot and tender when touched.
  • Bad breath – If you are suffering from constant bad breath, you can have a problem with your gums. Bad breath is one of the symptoms of having gum disease.
  • Loose teeth – Your teeth may be loose because of a gum problem.
  • Deep pockets between your teeth and gums –- Your gums should not look loose or have deep spaces between your teeth. Large spaces and deep pockets between your teeth can be a sign of gum disease.

If you have detected one or more of the symptoms mentioned above, you should go see a dentist immediately. However there are instances when you many not see any symptoms and still have gum disease if the deep pockets are developing around back portion of your mouth, near your molars. Because of this it is highly important to have regular checkups with your dentist. Early detection of gum disease will allow you to make sure that you will keep your teeth for the rest of your life


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