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Iridia Medical

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Who We Are


Iridia is dedicated to preparing and empowering people to respond to adversity. Our mission is to ensure that our clients have the training and preparation they need to mitigate emergencies and the ability to move on afterwards knowing that they responded, when decisive action was needed, with the very best versions of themselves.


Iridia Medical’s vision is to become Canada’s foremost name in medical emergency response and preparedness. We want to be the first to receive a call when an organization in any sector or industry has a concern related to medical emergency response and/or preparedness.

Achieving this ambitious Vision will require Iridia Medical to:

  • Adhere to our corporate values in all that we do
  • Clearly promote our service offerings in a focused manner and encourage employees to tell our story
  • Keep our staff up-to-date on topics directly relevant to our service offerings
  • Utilize best practices in change management to ensure that our clients stay informed and will rally behind our efforts
  • Build our team through selective hiring, alignment with key strategic partners, and expanding our pool of high-quality contractors

Why the Vision is viable

The need for services from each of Iridia Medical’s divisions is predicted to remain healthy for the foreseeable future as Canada’s aging population and overburdened healthcare system have underscored the importance of Iridia’s combination of its product and service offerings.

The path ahead

By clearly defining our goals, communicating them to our staff, and entrusting our future to our employees, our path to success is clear. The key will be our people: a unique group of individuals with an immense collective intelligence, impressive work ethic, and ability to adapt as required to progress towards our goals.

United by an entrepreneurial spirit and a history of questioning the status quo, Iridia Medical’s diverse team offers a broad range of expertise and has the ability to respond quickly and proactively to the ever-evolving needs of today’s populations.





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  • Email info@iridiamedical.com

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