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Keebitz Inc

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Who We Are

Keebitz Inc. is a Seattle based startup founded by two entrepreneurs Anne-Aymone Ferreira (Yahoo!, VerySign and Kelkoo) and Vincent Naigeon (Yahoo! and Kelkoo) in 2013.

Keebitz helps dentists turbocharge their referral program and makes it easy for patients to refer their favorite dentist and get rewarded. Keebitz is a Microsoft venture and in partnership with Amazon.com.

Automating Referral Programs For Dentists

Keebitz was born when Anne-Aymone and Vincent attended the Seattle Techstars program. After interviewing 500+ dentists and their patients, they understood that the most successful dental practices have a well oiled referral program. Surprisingly though, the majority of dentists either do not have a referral program or they have one that is very difficult to use for their patients or do not offer sufficient rewards or their staff is too busy to implement which causes their patients to ignore it. Simply put, Keebitz makes it easier to refer, reward and redeem.

What makes Keebitz so special?

Referral or relationships marketing helps you drive more loyal customers.
With loyal customers, all those positive things happen:

  • retention rates go up
  • referrals go up
  • spending rates go up
  • price sensitivity goes down
  • costs of servicing them go down
  • initial processing costs go down
  • returns and losses are lower
  • profits go up

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  • email info@keebitz.com

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