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Snap On Optics

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Who We Are

Home of the SNAP ON Loupe Light. Crafted for comfort and reliablity.

For years, dentists have scoured the market for a solution to their portable illumination needs. Plenty of companies have tried to answer this call but all have under delivered with products that could not stand up to the high expectations of dentists and oral hygienists. They were either not bright enough, or just simply uncomfortably heavy to wear.

Founded by Ray Nguyen D.D.S., Snap On Optics has been able to liven the loupe light market through innovation and an unwillingness to settle for anything less than the best. From that, the SNAP ON Loupe Light was born. With the SNAP ON Loupe Light, our goal from the very beginning was to create an incredibly comfortable, long lasting, and unquestionably lightweight portable illumination system. A couple key design choices helped us bring this dream to fruition, but our most important innovation came in the form of magnets.

Our magnetic adapters allow for our product to effortlessly attach onto any type of loupes or safety glasses on the market. These tiny but powerful magnets can literally attach our SNAP ON Loupe Light onto your beloved pair of loupes on its own. As you place the light in front of the magnetic adapter, you can feel it pull the unit into place. After being commended by countless satisfied customers who made the effortless yet highly fruitful switch over to our product for their illumination needs, we here at Snap On Optics are confident that we have finally achieved ultimate success with our second generation SNAP ON Loupe Light. With a 45 day risk free trial period, you and your patients have nothing to lose.



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