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The Bridge Network Inc

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Who We Are

The Bridge Network Inc. is a Canadian software development and technology-consulting company that focuses on delivering tailored-made solutions using the latest technology.

Mission Statement

The Bridge Network’s mission is to provide industry-specific software solutions with forward-thinking concepts in software and technology. We want clients to thrive and reap the rewards of hard work. We want you to ‘Work Smart and Enjoy Life’.

Company History

From its start, The Bridge Network understood and identified the benefits technology would have in the dental industry. It is challenging for companies to keep abreast of the constant changes happening with technology. It’s The Bridge Network’s objective to give answers at a reasonable cost. Today, used in more than a thousand offices across Canada, Tracker is an industry leader. Not only has Tracker received praise in several industry trade publications, in 1995, it won best overall application design by Visual Basic Programmer’s Journal at a Microsoft-sponsored competition.

A 100% privately owned company, The Bridge Network started with an idea that grew into a practice management system people turn to when they need smart software that is intuitive, functional and innovative. TBN changed the way dentists do business. We proved to more than a thousand offices that working smart doesn’t have to mean complicated or confusing. We taught offices to be more efficient; we showed how easy it is to do paperless charting and all while working smarter. Tracker is a quality product that can take you where you want to go. The answers you need are in our software.

The Idea

During a simple routine check-up a dentist casually remarked he was tired of hearing the same promises again and again about overpriced practice management systems. We took the hint and The Bridge Network started researching computer products available to dentists. After talking with other healthcare professionals, it became clear to us how frustrating it is for a practitioner having to choose a computer programming system. Existing products geared towards the healthcare industry fell into two categories: high-priced, full-featured systems that were cumbersome to use or low-end programs that mimicked higher priced systems, but couldn’t function the same. The Bridge Network was convinced Microsoft Windows would be the computing platform of choice and we knew it was important to be the first to market a scheduling-based system written exclusively for Windows. We are the creators of the full-featured, Windows-based practice management solution Tracker.

Probably the biggest hurdle The Bridge Network had to overcome was breaking into a very competitive industry. We had the idea, we had the product and now we just needed the clients. So, we set our sights on denturists. Typically made up of sole-practitioners, we thought denturists would be perfect for our product because denturists, whose office requirements are more or less on par with dentists, didn’t have any software products specifically marketed to them. And with 500 denturists in Ontario alone, it was a less daunting market to try and break into before tackling the more than 17,000 dentists across Canada. We knew once we delivered a superior Windows-based system to denturists it would just be a matter of time before other healthcare professionals looked to Tracker for their office management needs.

Tracker for Denturists was successfully introduced in April 1993. Within two months of its introduction two systems were sold and Tracker Version 1.0 was officially launched. And in January of the following year, George Brown College and The Denturists Association of Ontario endorsed Tracker legitimizing it as a solid practice management system that helped catapult Tracker into mainstream dental offices.

Tracker for Dentists was officially introduced in November 1995 after more than 18 months of research and development. Our widely accepted and unparalleled success with dentists bolstered our confidence to take Tracker even further. When we were approached by the Orthodontic-community to tailor Tracker to their specific needs we enhanced Tracker with new screens and features and launched Tracker for Orthodontists in May 2000. Tracker is now, we are proud to say, installed in both general and specialists offices across Canada.

Now what

After almost two decades creating superior, standard-setting programs for the dental industry, The Bridge Network continues to deliver its products and services at a fair price, continues to integrate its system with leading-edge computing tools and still continues to provide optimum technical support. It’s this commitment to quality that has seen our client base grow from a broad-based clientele to a specific and controlled market-base.

Answering the calls from other industries, The Bridge Network has taken its expertise and expanded within healthcare. We knew our custom software development and service delivery would make The Bridge Network a sought-after solution provider for companies looking for ways to streamline their businesses so they too can Work Smart and Enjoy Life. With an accomplished list of firsts, which include the first management system written for Denturists, the first system to integrate itself with handheld personal assistant devices (PDAs) as well as the first company to introduce the concept of ‘Visual Charting’, The Bridge Network introduced another first in the form of a tailor-made version of Tracker for Chiropodists in May 2007. This well-received, complete practice management system geared towards Chiropodists is guaranteed to simplify and complement any practice.

We work hard to deliver superior, standard-setting software solutions so that you don’t have to. And, as The Bridge Network has evolved and improved its business practices, so has our philosophy. Our corporate logo reflects the steps we are taking to help our clients to continuously thrive and reap the rewards of their hard work. Our logo: Intelligent Software Concepts is simple, understated and is a definite viewpoint that offers a glimpse into what The Bridge Network advocates.

Your business is as important to you as ours is to us. We acknowledge our philosophy, as well as Tracker, is not for everyone – and for that we make no apologies.

Company Management

The Bridge Network has two principals who bring a diversity of experience and knowledge working within computer technology. Graduates of the Cooperative Mathematics program at the University of Waterloo, their vision, coupled with today’s business needs, has contributed to The Bridge Network’s growth and development from a simple start-up company to an established and selective firm.

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