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50 Years Strong

When you truly care, something interesting happens. It becomes your passion. You find yourself taking the initiative and giving it your all. Fearless commitment. A sense of purpose. All that inspiration to get it right helps explain the values shared by A-dec founders Ken and Joan Austin.

It all started a half-century ago. While on a picnic, a barely-employed Ken mentioned to his wife Joan how air-vacuum technology could be used to create a simpler and more compact oral evacuator device.

There could be a business in it, Ken figured. If they dreamed big, maybe one day they could support the family.

With the highspeed air drill revolutionizing dentistry in the mid-1950s, the oral evacuation equipment of the day fell quickly behind the times. Evacuators were clumsy, constructed with pieced-together components, and couldn’t suction fast enough.

Seeing the opportunity, Joan was immediately intrigued by Ken’s idea. She encouraged him. “Why wait?” she said. “We’ll eat bread and beans if we have to.”

By the next day Ken was machining a model for his oral evacuator prototype. In Ken’s mind, his air-vacuum system (AVS) would be more reliable and less expensive than what was currently available.

Within months—on Nov. 9, 1964—the country’s largest dental manufacturing company S.S. White agreed to distribute the “AVS #1” by the Austin Dental Equipment Company or—as Joan would have it—A-dec.

Three months later, the Philadelphia company sent a check to A-dec in the amount of $10,000.

What started out as a way for Ken to stay employed turned into an impossible success story that combines family with a passion for getting it right. The Austins’ vision not only helped revolutionize the world of dentistry. It would also create a legacy to make the best better. One solution at a time.

Please join us in celebrating 50 years of quality through caring.



Dental Chairs and Dental Stools

Although A‑dec 500 is our flagship chair, all A‑dec dental chairs provide dependable, unique solutions based on more than 45 years of ongoing collaboration with the dental community. Plus, get the support you need with A‑dec stools.

A‑dec 500 Dental Chair  –  Premium comfort for your patients. Great ergonomic access for you.

A‑dec 400 Dental Chair  –  Contemporary design, patient comfort, and uninhibited dental team access combined with solid, reliable performance.

A‑dec 300 Dental Chair  –  Stylish and compact. A‑dec 300 fits both small spaces and conservative budgets. Combines a robust design, great access, and minimal maintenance.

Performer III 8000 Dental Chair  –  Reliable. Comfortable. Affordable. A basic model that offers all the essentials, backed by A‑dec legendary quality.

Doctor’s Stool with Contoured Seat  –  Ergonomic and easy to adjust.

Assistant’s Stool with Contoured-round Seat/Torso Support  –  Helps your assistant maintain balance and proper posture. Additional assistant’s stools available.

Delivery Systems

Every A‑dec delivery system is designed with the same specialized attention to efficiency and reliability. From various integration capabilities to choice of mounting locations, we have a complete line of delivery solutions to fit your individual needs and budget.

A‑dec 500  –  True integration. Unsurpassed ergonomics. A‑dec 500 provides you with internal integration of everything you need and ultimate comfort for you and your assistant. Choose rear-delivery, side delivery, or chair-mounted solutions.

A‑dec 300  –  Small on the outside, big on the inside. With A‑dec 300 you can easily integrate the latest technology into your dental operatory.

Performer  –  Get simple, proven technology at a value price. Performer also offers a choice of mounting locations to accommodate your working style.

Dental Lights

A-dec lighting solutions can bring a lot to your practice. A clearer view of tooth surfaces. Reduced eyestrain. Less fatigue.

A-dec LED  –  A state-of-the-art LED dental light system that provides advanced light performance and unparalleled ergonomics for the dental team–plus all the advantages of LED technology.

A-dec 500  –  Provides a balanced light pattern for proper contrast and an accurate view of tooth topography. Mounts to the A‑dec 500 and A‑dec 300 systems.

A-dec 300  –  Get enhanced optics and superior range of motion. Mounts to the A‑dec 300 system.

6300  –  The quality illumination you need to perform procedures comfortably and accurately. Mounts to your dental chair, ceiling, wall or cabinet.

Performer  –  A basic dental light backed by legendary A‑dec reliability. Mounts to the Performer chair, cuspidor, or assistant’s instrumentation.

Monitor Mounts

A-dec monitor mount solutions offer exceptional positioning for a clean, unobstructed view for you, your dental team, and your patients.

Overhead  –  Flexible enough to cover all your monitor viewing needs. Your choice of mounting location: ceiling, Preference Collection central console, or wall.

Chairside  –  An exceptional solution for patient consultation and education.

Gliding-track  –  Since it’s out of the patient’s view and accessible to both doctor and assistant, the gliding-track mount option makes an excellent choice for patient recordkeeping and practice management applications.

Dental Cabinets

Preference Collection dental cabinets do more than store accessories and supplies. They increase productivity. Streamline workflow. Save precious time. And they’re built to withstand the unique demands of the dental operatory.

Preference Collection Treatment Console  –  Designed for ultimate productivity. Boost efficiency even more when you add A-dec 500 12 o’clock delivery solutions.

Preference Collection Central Console  –  Get the most out of your dental operatory space and reduce expenses.

Preference Collection Accessory Console  –  An innovative storage solution built specifically for the unique needs of the dental operatory.

Preference Collection Upper Cabinets
  –  Help create a relaxing dental operatory experience for your patients with storage solutions that keep supplies and equipment organized and off the countertops.

Preference ICC Sterilization System  –  A complete system that follows a streamlined process to ensure your materials and instruments are properly sterilized and remain sterile while in storage.


Complete your treatment-room solution with handpieces that work seamlessly with your A-dec delivery system and touchpad. Choose from a full range of specialty, hygiene, and general restorative handpiece instruments for unparalleled comfort, versatility, and control.
Highspeed collections  –  By combining precision, torque and handheld comfort, the Synea and Alegra highspeed collections give you all the control and maneuverability you’ll ever need. The innovator of LED handpiece lighting, A‑dec|W&H brings you fourth-generation lighting with its unique ability to produce natural color so you can perform dentistry with greater accuracy.
Attachment Collections  –  Couple a Synea or Alegra handpiece with an A‑dec|W&H electric motor for smooth, high-torque cutting power of up to 60 watts — and an incredible view produced by advanced LED lighting.
Electric Motors  –  Whether you’re looking for a simple integrated solution for highspeed gross reduction or lowspeed precision finishing, choose from a full range of A‑dec|W&H electrics. We offer the only truly integrated system available, allowing you to choose the options which best fit your practice.
Air Motors  –  Improve on the most basic. A‑dec|W&H air motors give you high power and a long lifespan. Gain optimal smooth control in both forward and reverse drive. All motors and attachments feature standardized ISO E-style connectivity that will serve you well into the future.
Specialty  –  Ultra-small head designs for high visibility and unparalleled access, the Endea handpiece collection gives you exceptional control. It’s the only attachment technology that’s designed for the specialized demands of endodontics.Hygiene  –  Choose the prophylaxis solution that is right for you: the Proxeo collection offers a range of prophy and scaler solutions for outstanding simplicity.

Small Equipment

Only with A-dec are you assured of having your small equipment investment fully integrated into your delivery system and touchpad controls.

Intraoral Cameras  –  In addition to cameras with superior optics, the Sopro collection also includes devices that utilize the latest in fluorescence technology to reveal caries, dental plaque, and gingival inflammation to help further patient education and treatment planning.

Curing Lights  –  Satelec’s curing technology more efficiently and easily targets the light for the most effective cure.

Ultrasonic Instruments  –  Multi-purpose ultrasonic system from Satelec delivers smooth, gentle, yet powerful performance.

Warm Water Syringe  –  Uncompromised quality and lightweight “hand balance” in a syringe that’s built to last.


A-dec maintenance solutions provide you with what you need to maintain a healthy and efficient environment.

ICX  –  A simple, effective, and safe solution for waterline maintenance.

Assistina  –  Protect your handpieces with an advanced technology that also delivers the lowest cost per cycle

Lisa Sterilizer  –  Provides an effective sterilization process that includes both a pre- and post-vacuum cycle so the finished load remains sterile and corrosion free.

ICV  –  This convenient vacuum-line cleaning system saves precious time and effort-all while extending the life of your vacuum system.

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