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American Eagle Instruments Inc

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Who We Are

Our Promise

Quality, service and value are the foundation of our corporate policy. As a result, you can expect the highest quality product, crafted for maximum possible life. We also believe in superb service to you, our valued customer. That is a promise from all of us at American Eagle Instruments.

We make this promise of quality, service and value to you and to each other. We own our company and take pride in the honesty, integrity and craftsmanship which form our common bond.

We invite you to try the employee-owned difference. You’ll be glad you did.

About AEI

American Eagle Instruments Inc. incorporated in January 1992, but our craftsmen and women have spent an average of over 20 years each building dental instruments. When the manufacturing facility where we plied our trade was purchased by a competitor and closed, a dream was born…to start our own company and continue building fine quality dental hand instruments.

American Eagle Instruments Inc. also employs highly trained field sales representatives to service and support our clients.

AEI’s professionally trained customer service representatives assist many dental offices around the country. With years of experience and continuing education, AEI customer service reps provide personal service and comprehensive product knowledge.

As the employer of the finest industry professionals, AEI cares about its customers…from the first impression to the last.


Product Categories


–  Cone Socket Mirror Handles

–  Cone Socket Mirrors

–  Explorer / Probes

–  Explorers

–  Pliers

–  Probes

–  Scissors

–  Syringe

XP Technology

–  XP Double Gracey

–  XP Gracey – +3 Access

–  XP Gracey – +3 Deep Pocket

–  XP Gracey – Mesial-Distal

–  XP Gracey – Standard

–  XP Scalers

–  XP Universal Curettes


–  Gracey – +3 Access

–  Gracey – +3 Deep Pocket

–  Gracey – Mesial-Distal

–  Gracey – Rigid

–  Gracey – Standard

–  Universal Currettes


–  Files

–  Scalers


–  Composite Carriers

–  Composite / Plastic Filling: Anodized Aluminum

–  Composite / Plastic Filling: XP Technology

–  Dr. Belvedere Series

–  Dr. Colonna Series

–  Dr. Jackson Series – XP Technology

–  Dr. Mopper Series – XP Technology

–  Tungstein Carbide Carvers


–  Amalgam Carriers

–  Angle Formers

–  Burnishers

–  Carvers

–  Chisels

–  Condensers / Pluggers

–  Cord Packers

–  Discoid-Cleoid Carvers

–  Endodontic Miscellaneous

–  Endodontic Pluggers

–  Endodontic Spreaders

–  Excavators

–  Hatchets

–  Interproximal Carvers

–  Knives

–  Margin Trimmers

–  Plastic Filling Carvers

–  Spatulas

–  Super Pluggers

–  Waxing Instruments

Instrument Maintenance

–  Cassettes

–  Sharpening


–  Magnetostrictive

Handpiece Maintenance

–  Lubricants

Quik Tip Cone Sockets

–  Handles and Accessories

–  Talon Tough Gracey Access Quik-Tips

–  Talon Tough Gracey Deep Pocket Quik-Tips

–  Talon Tough Gracey Quik-Tips

–  Talon Tough Scaler Quik-Tips

–  Talon Tough Universal Curette Quik-Tips

–  XP Curettes Quik-Tips

–  XP Double Gracey Quik-Tips

–  XP Gracey +3 Access Quik-Tips

–  XP Gracey +3 Deep Pocket Quik-Tips

–  XP Gracey Quik-Tips

–  XP Scaler Quik-Tips

Implant Instruments

–  Implant Instrument Kits

–  Implant Instruments


–  Colour Code Rings

Golden Eagle Kits

–  Golden Eagle Kits

Contact Details

Other Information

  • Email customerservice@am-eagle.com

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