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Clearly Dental – Lethbridge Invisalign Dentist

Clearly Dental – Lethbridge Invisalign Dentist

Clearly Dental is a Lethbridge Invisalign Braces provider serving patients across all of Alberta and into BC and Saskatchewan.  As clear aligners have become more popular, we have sought out top level equipment and products so that we are able to be among the first to provide these dental products.

We have provided our dental patients with traditional wire braces to straighten their teeth and correct their bite for many years, but as the technology for braces improves so do we.  We are eager to adapt and use new technology in dentistry.  Recently, our most popular product at our lethbridge dental clinic has become clear aligner trays produced by Invisalign.  These Invisalign braces can cost less, fix many alignment problems quicker, and are less noticable that old style braces.   Children, teens, and adults are all potential candidates for teeth straightening using the Invisalign braces.


We offer a free consultation to examine your teeth and see if you are a good candidate for Invisalign.  At this time we can discuss the most common questions that our patients frequently ask, such as; how much is invisalign?  how long does invisalign take? can invisalign fix my teeth?  where can i get cheap invisalign braces in lethbridge? am I able to finance invisalign braces? why is invisalign braces superior to smile direct or other clear aligner products?


contact us today at our clinic; http://clearlydental.ca

104 13 Street North, #231 Lethbridge, AB

Clearly Dental Lethbridge Invisalign: 403-327-2132

*part of Lethbridge Dental Clinic, General Dentist.

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Red Deer Dentist

Red Deer Dentist

Gaetzdental is one of the best dental clinic in Red Deer, Alberta with highly rated doctors. Gaetzdental specializes in a variety of dental treatments that include root canal treatments, cosmetic dentistry, child dentistry, dental fillings and gum diseases. With oral sedation techniques, Gaetz Dental has the expertise, experience and technology to make each treatment as painless as possible. Gaetzdental delivers you the best dental treatment under the aegis of highly experienced dental surgeons in Red Deer. Come and experience seamless dental treatment at Red Deer, Alberta.

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Dentist Hanna ab

Dentist Hanna ab

Are you looking for the best Dentist at Hanna Alberta if yes then we are here to provide you the best outcomes of our dental services? we are dedicated to maintain and restore the normal functioning of our patient’s teeth as well as enhancing the beauty of their smiles. Check out our website to know more about us.

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