Dr. Nicole Brien Children’s Dentistry

Dr. Nicole Brien Children’s Dentistry

Are you looking for a friendly children’s dentist in Moncton? We can help. Dr. Nicole Brien Children’s Dentistry specializes in providing friendly, fun and fear-free dental services for kids!


Our safe, friendly and comfortable office environment makes children and their families feel welcome. As soon as they come into our office your kids will get a friendly greeting from our team and they’ll be made to feel at home.


We’re committed to teaching children the importance of good dental health. Good hygiene habits learned as a child, such as proper brushing, will ensure good dental health as an adult. We also specialize in working with children who are anxious, and we provide several solutions for anxiety, including age-appropriate sedation, to make your child’s visit with us as fear free as possible.


We provide a full range of dental services including fillings, crowns and bridges as well as cleaning, hygiene and fluoride treatments. We speak French and English. Contact us today to make an appointment!

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