Traditionally, dentures were the sole means available to replace missing teeth, and are still an alternative if a bridge or implant isn’t suitable.

Depending on whether a few or all the teeth are missing, replacement is possible with either a partial or a full denture. Partial dentures might be made of a plastic base or a metal base, sometimes cobalt-chrome, and are kept in place by tiny wire clips called retention clasps and reciprocators. Full dentures, nevertheless, are fabricated from acrylic and stay in position by absolutely fitting the gum and ridges of bone in the upper and lower jaws.

In the case of the upper jaw, the denture is retained by strong suction against the roof of the mouth while the lower denture stays in place due to gravity.

If the gum has receded too far, it might not be possible for the full denture to stay in place. In this sort of case, implants will stabilize the dentures extremely efficiently.

It usually takes several visits for the dentist to properly fabricate and fit a denture as after each visit, the models and trial dentures must be sent to a dental lab till the time as a sufficient result is achieved.