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Tokuyama Dental America Inc

Tokuyama Dental America Inc

  • Posted: Jun 13, 2014
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Who We Are

Tokuyama draws on nearly a century of accomplishments and knowledge to gain a competitive advantage in today’s dentistry. Operating on a global scale, our mission is to listen to your needs, incorporate your voice into the development of innovative products, and ensure our products meet the highest standards of quality. Tokuyama is characterized by cutting-edge technology and developing specialty products that improve your daily life.

At Tokuyama, our constant pursuit of excellence and innovation thrives from a strong link between our company, and visionary Dental Professionals who shape the future of dentistry.

Tokuyama is 100% committed to Innovating Tomorrow’s Dentistry, Today. Our spirit is embodied in five values which represent the very essence of Tokuyama, and will always continue to do so.


Tokuyama is not looking to invent, we are looking to innovate. Innovation is the process of creating a product that provides a more efficient and faster way for you to achieve a desired result. Tokuyama is dedicated to improving the lives of you and your patients’.

Product Efficacy and Replicable Results

Tokuyama products are submitted to rigorous testing that simulate intra-oral environments, prior to invo-testing. It is our number one priority that Tokuyama products always perform at or above clinical expectations.


Tokuyama is sure to take utmost care when manufacturing, packaging, storing, and shipping products, to ensure all attributes of our products perform to customer satisfaction.

Customer Service and Satisfaction

Tokuyama treats our customers like family, and as such, we are determined to offer quick and easy solutions for our customers. Providing superior customer service is our primary mission.

Social Responsibility

Tokuyama is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility by contributing to economic development, while improving the quality of life of our workforce and their families, as well as the local community and society at large.


Tokuyama Dental Subsidiaries are strategically placed throughout the world, and our products are distributed through more than 30 countries and 100 dealers. We are a global manufacturer respected for innovation and reliability. Click on the map to find a local distributor.



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Endo/Tech Inc.

Endo/Tech Inc.

  • Posted: Jun 07, 2014
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Who We Are


Endo/Tech provides a level of service that exceeds all others. Through knowledge, honesty and respect we strive to build successful relationships.

Company Overview

Endo/Tech was started in 1994 with the intention to give dental professionals a place to get high quality endodontic products at everyday great prices. It was a simple concept and one that has been embraced by the dental community across North America.

The goal of Endo/Tech has always been to treat our customers “right”. Find the “right” products and make sure they are priced “right”, all the while providing the “right” service our customers deserve.

Endo/Tech customers can feel confident that we will not influence purchasing decisions with high-pressure sales tactics, nor will we inflate our prices to accommodate hidden costs. We are here to help clinicians deliver the highest quality of care by providing and sourcing products as best we can.

Endo/Tech recently celebrated its 20th anniversary thanks to our terrific customers, many of whom have been with us since our inception. Thank you for considering Endo/Tech for your choice for endodontic supplies.


Endo/Tech maintains a customized inventory based on our customers’ needs. As these needs change, we will strive to adjust our inventory to best reflect the product choices of our customers.

Endo/Tech strives to ensure that all orders are shipped within one business day of the order being placed. Unless otherwise specified by the customer, Endo/Tech ships all orders using a traceable shipping method.



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Shofu Dental Corporation

Shofu Dental Corporation

  • Posted: May 31, 2014
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Who We Are

Shofu Incorporated is a world renowned dental materials and equipment manufacturer, providing high-quality products to clients for the last 89 years.

Mr. Kajo Shofu III, an entrepreneur and researcher well known in the ceramics industry, founded Shofu Incorporated in 1922. Mr. Shofu refocused existing ceramics technology and succeeded in developing the first locally made, high-quality porcelain denture teeth.

Today, Shofu Incorporated remains one of the top manufacturers of superior dental products used by dentists, dental technicians, and dental hygienists, and is publicly traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with affiliate companies in the United States, Germany, Singapore, United Kingdom, and China. Shofu Dental Corporation (SDC), located in the United States was founded in the year 1971 with its corporate offices originally in Menlo Park, California. Shofu is currently celebrating 41 years doing business in the U.S.A. Canada, Central & South America and Mexico.

In September of 2001, SDC relocated corporate headquarters from Menlo Park to San Marcos, California, just north of San Diego. The new facility is state-of-the-art, accommodating a larger inventory, more customer service and expedited shipments. Shofu Dental Corporation is a fast-growing customer-friendly company with a basis of many recognized achievements and decades of experience, all contributing to successful dental treatments throughout the Americas. Our customers’ support and encouragement assures us the ability to continue serving the dental industry with the best quality and highest level of satisfaction.




  • Stones
  • Polishers
  • Lab Stones and Polishers
  • Polishing Pastes
  • Accessories
  • Finishing and Polishing Kits
  • Abrasive Quick Guides

Diamond & Carbides

  • Diamonds
  • Carbides


  • Resin
  • Glass Ionomer
  • Temp Cements
  • Cements
  • Other

Whiteners & Preventatives

  • Whiteners / Preventives


  • Restoratives
  • Adhesives
  • Composites
  • Sealants
  • Glass Ionomers

Ceramics & Dentures

  • Vintage Halo Porcelain
  • Vintage ZR Porcelain
  • Vintage MP Porcelain
  • Vintage Porcelain
  • Vintage Press Over
  • Vintage AL Porcelain
  • Ceramage
  • Denture Teeth
  • Investment
  • Accessories
  • Equipment


  • Camera

Technical Data

  • Technical Data
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Pulpdent Corporation

Pulpdent Corporation

  • Posted: May 30, 2014
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Who We Are

Pulpdent Corporation is a family owned business that has served the dental profession worldwide with exceptional products since 1947. Pulpdent’s manufacturing facilities in Watertown, Massachusetts, include a sophisticated chemical production laboratory and automated machine shop. To facilitate processing raw materials into finished goods, Pulpdent has developed complex systems and controls to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Innovation, value and quality have always been the hallmark of Pulpdent. From its early contributions to vital pulp therapy and root canal therapy to its recent developments in hydrophilic, self-adhesive restorative resins that take advantage of the moisture that is ever-present in the mouth, Pulpdent has forged new directions in dental materials and oral healthcare.

As a highly specialized research, development and manufacturing company dedicated to providing quality products and services to its customers, Pulpdent celebrates its 62nd year with a renewed commitment to excellence. We welcome you to join the tens of thousands of dentists who use Pulpdent products with pride and confidence.

Browse this site and see how many ways Pulpdent can help your dental practice with patient-pleasing, time-tested products.



  • Amalgam Carriers
  • Applicator Tips
  • Bonding
  • Calcium Hydroxide
  • Cements
  • Embrace WetBond
  • Endodontics
  • Etching
  • General Dentistry
  • Orthodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Pit & Fissure Sealant
  • Provisional Materials
  • Restoratives
  • Prevention
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GC America

GC America

  • Posted: May 21, 2014
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Who We Are

Since starting business in 1992, GC America Inc. has continuously contributed to improvements in dental care. These achievements have been made based on the corporate philosophy of “Semui: True products are made for the good of others, not doing so for your own sake. In other words, they co-exist for mutual benefit” and the three management principles of “contributing to the environment and society by improving oral hygiene,” “improving corporate quality and meeting customer expectations,” and “forming a team of associates overflowing with energy and respect for their fellow human beings.”

Facing an era of innovation, dentistry should also be deeply involved in realizing and sustaining the “health and longevity of society”. It is the role of dentistry to also show its endeavors to support the “medical treatment giving the ability and the energy for life” which is directly linked to the enhancement of quality of life (QOL) to the public. In response to these trends, GC America Inc. advocates what it calls “GC’s Quality Management” (GQM) and under this slogan, each member of the GCA Team attempts to fully satisfy and deeply impress customers by striving to provide valuable products, information, and services in their own field. Our aim is to continually strive to realize “the century of health” and become “the top dental corporation of the world”, making major contributions in the 21st century as a global yet distinctive dental care company.



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DMG America

DMG America

  • Posted: May 16, 2014
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Who We Are


Since 1982, DMG America, formerly known as Zenith Dental, has been the visionary company responsible for introducing some of the most widely-used and clinically successful dental restorative products to North America. DMG America selects and partners with leading global dental manufacturers to provide American and Canadian dentists with a comprehensive range of exceptional restorative materials.

DMG America’s premier strategic alliance is with DMG; recognized for 40 years as a global leader in the research, development, and production of innovative dental materials. DMG America has the distinction of being the exclusive distributor of DMG products in the U.S. and Canada.

Together with DMG, DMG America has become known as the “Automix specialists.” Its leading role in Automix products began over a decade ago with the release of Luxatemp®, the first Automix provisional restorative material. DMG America went on to introduce a wide range of advanced materials, which have become market leaders thanks to their clinical efficacy and ease of use. These include: Luxatemp® Automix Plus, Luxatemp® Fluorescence, LuxaCore® Dual, TempoCem®, and Honigum® impression materials. Recently new products such as Luxatemp® Ultra,which contains industry-leading flexural strength that provides provisional stability and long-term durability and the caries infiltrant Icon®, the first product to utilize microinvasive infiltration technology that bridges the gap between prevention and restoration have been added to DMG America’s long list of dependable and quality products.

Our Mission

DMG America is dedicated to helping dental clinicians produce the most realistic and reliable restorations possible. This is achieved through an ongoing commitment to research, development, and testing via DMG America’s strategic alliance with DMG, which perpetuates the company’s 25-year legacy of advanced innovation and superior quality. DMG America’s unwavering dedication to providing clinical education and training ensures that its restorative products are in skilled hands, thus delivering optimal patient outcomes.

Quality Standards

DMG America has achieved both ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 13485:2003 certifications, two of the most stringent quality standards established by the International Standard Organization. This signifies that DMG America has developed and implemented an uncompromising quality system, encompassing every aspect of its business.




Provisional Materials

Core Materials

Impression Materials


Bite Registration Materials

Bonding Agents

Dental Posts

Hygiene Products

Base Liners


Gingival Retractor


Amalgam Alloys


Endodontic Materials


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Centrix Inc.

Centrix Inc.

  • Posted: May 08, 2014
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Who We Are

Centrix was created in 1970 from an idea of Dr. William B. Dragan’s to bring to the dental profession an easier way to deliver composite resins and cements from the mixing pad to the tooth. The new composite materials so impressed him with their vast potential in his dental practice, that he knew a simple, efficient, and effective way of delivering composite was a must for the dentist. After much experimentation, and trial and error, Dr. Dragan developed and patented the first practical syringe delivery system for composites in 1970. This was the original Mark I syringe and the CR® (Composite Resin) tube and plug. The initial desire for the product was to interest large dental manufacturers of composite to take his idea, develop and manufacture it for the dentist. His efforts to interest any of these manufacturers was met with total indifference. This very indifference inspired Dr. Dragan to create his own development, manufacturing and marketing company. The goal of this company would be to create products aimed at helping the dentist in his everyday practice. This undertaking was begun with a simple product, the Mark I™ all stainless steel system with disposable CR tubes and plugs.

Many people have asked about the origin of the company name Centrix. Dentistry has always recognized that the beginning of all jaw movement begins from a position of the jaw known as the Centric relation. This being a new and start up venture, Dr. Dragan took the word Centric, changed the last letter from “c” to “x” and created Centrix.

Over the years Centrix continued to grow by expanding its product line and continuing to improve upon existing concepts. Many products have been introduced and many have since been discarded. However, products such as the all plastic Mark II™ syringe, standard tubes, Mark III™ Plastic syringe, and the PCR tubes remain as proven dependable products.

Centrix continues to grow, beginning from Dr. Dragan’s basement in 1970 to a modern facility in Shelton, Connecticut, becoming a leader in listening to the demands of the Dental profession. Through all these years there have been many changes, improvements and challenges that have helped Centrix to grow while always keeping an eye on the quality of the product and simplicity of use.

To listen to the profession and hear what they are saying helps Centrix achieve its goal. The goal of Centrix is to continue to develop better delivery systems and related products while helping the dentist in his everyday practice.




Benda Brushes

Benda Micro Applicators

Applicator Accessory

Benda Matic Dispenser

Caries Indicator




Access Temporary Cement

NoMIX Temporary Cement

Composite Materials

C-R Hybrid




Core Buildup



Encore AF

Encore D/C Automix

Encore D/C MiniMix



RapidCore MiniMix


Delivery Systems

Access Syringes & Tips

Automix Syringes

C-R Syringes

Disposable Tubes & Plugs

Luer-Lock Needles

Mixing Nozzle Tips

Mixing Nozzles


Standard Syringe Tips


D/Sense Crystal


Endodontics / Temporary Filling & Seal Materials





Tempit L/C

Tempit Ultra

Etching Material


Finishing and Polishing Instruments


Min-Identoflex Polishers



Gingival Retraction Material

Access Edge

Access FLO



GingiTrac MiniMix

Impression Materials

3.n.One Impression Trays

Access Impression Materials




Reflective Oral Devices


Temporary Crown & Bridge Material

Access Crown

Topical Anesthetic


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Bisco Dental Products Canada Inc

Bisco Dental Products Canada Inc

  • Posted: May 06, 2014
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Who We Are

For over 20 years, Bisco Canada has been a leader in restorative dentistry with its high performance adhesives and composite materials.

Today, we remain steadfast in delivering exceptional products from a variety of manufacturers to help dentists achieve superior results with their patients. We know that our success is dependent on your success so we work very hard to carefully select reputable products that will make your techniques more predictable, and make your patients happy with the care you have provided them.

We understand that there can be an overwhelming amount of product information for a dental professional to navigate through. That is why the people making up our organization have been well trained to provide you with technical support when you need it. We are proud of our commitment to education and we are certain our customers appreciate the quality and scope of our knowledge as well as our sponsorship of various educational programs throughout Canada.

It is our privilege to serve the dental profession and we thank you for taking a moment to interact with our company. We will always do our best for you and continue to provide uncompromised leadership.




Total-Etch Adhesives

–  All-Bond 2

–  All-Bond 3

–  One-Step

–  One-Step Plus

–  Ace All-Bond Te

Self-Etch Adhesives

–  All-Bond Se

–  Ace All-Bond Se

Universal Adhesives

–  All-Bond Universal

Anterior / Posterior Composites

Light-Cure Composites

–  AELITE LS Posterior

–  AELITE All-Purpose Body

–  AELITE Aesthetic Enamel

–  Reflexions

–  AELITE LS Packable

Self-Cure Composites



Flowable Composites





Self-Cure Resin Cements

–  C&B Cement

Light-Cure Resin Cements

–  Choice 2

Dual-Cure Resin Cements

–  Resinomer

–  Duo-Link

–  Duo-Link Universal

Self-Adhesive Resin Cements


Composite Matrices & Wedges

Blue View

–  Pinch Matrices

–  Grip Strips

–  Cervical Matrices

–  Matrix Tape

Sectional Matrix Systems

–  Composi-Tight Gold

–  Composi-Tight 3D

–  Composi-Tight 3D Slick Bands

Tofflemire Matrices

–  Slick Bands  [Dead Soft]

–  Slick Bands  [Regular]


–  Matrix Forceps


–  Softwedge

–  Wedge Wands

–  Flexiwedge

–  G-Wedge

–  Fenderwedge

Core Materials


–  Core-Flo


–  Core-Flo DC

–  Bis-Core


–  Light-Core

Diamond Burs

Revolution Diamond Burs

Endodontic Posts

Double-Tapered Fiber Posts

–  D.T. Light-Post Illusion X-Ro

–  D.T. Light-Post

Parallel Fiber Posts

–  Light-Post

Tapered Fiber Posts

–  Endo Light-Post

Removal & Placement Kits

–  Post Placement Kit

–  Post Removal Kit


Phosphoric Acid

–  37% ETCH

–  32% UNI-ETCH

–  Select HV ETCH w/out BAC

Hydrofluoric Acid

–  4% Porcelain ETCH

–  9.5% Porcelain ETCH

Finishing Products


–  FInishing Discs


–  R.A.P.T.O.R.

Impression Materials

Bite Registration (VPS)

–  Occlufast CAD

–  Colorbite Rock

–  Occlufast Rock

Transparent Matrix (VPS)

–  Elite Glass


–  Orthoprint

–  Tropical Gin

–  Hydrogum

–  Hydrogum Soft

–  Hydrogum 5

–  Alginate Accessories

Crown & Bridge (VPS)

–  Colorise Extra Light Body

–  Colorise Regular Body

–  Colorise Monophase

–  Colorise Heavy Body

–  Colorise Putty

–  Colorise Light Body

–  Colorise Heavy Body Maxi

–  Colorise Putty Max

–  Colorise Monophase Maxi

Impression Trays

–  HI-TRAY Metal

–  HI-TRAY Light Dual Arch

–  HI-TRAY Light Clear


–  Mixing Tips

–  Bite Tips


Composite Placement

–  NB Instruments

Reverse Action Pliers

–  Reverse Action Pliers

Product Accessory

Dual-Syringe Dispenser

Unit-Dose Dispenser

Brush Handles and Tips

Disposable Applicators


Mixing Wells


Mixing Pads & Spatulas

Foam Pellets

Disposable Syringe Tips

Provisional Materials

Pro-V Coat

Pro-V Fill

Pro-V Provisional Kit

Pulp Cap / Liner

Theracal LC

Supportive Products


–  Fortify

–  Fortify Plus

–  Biscover LV

–  Modeling Resin


–  Porcelain Primer  [Silane]

–  Dual-Cure Opaquer

–  Bis-Silane  [Silane]

–  Intraoral Repair Kit

–  Porcelain Bonding Resin

Dentin Bonding

–  Aqua Prep F

–  Bisblock

Zirconia / Alumina / Mental


TESCERA Indirect Composite System

TESCERA Indirect Composite System


Rite-lite 2

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