How to Encourage your Child to Visit Family Dentist?

How to Encourage your Child to Visit Family Dentist?

Unlike adults, children may not be aware of the importance of regular visits to the dentist. Therefore we must use some tips and tricks in order to make their visit as enjoyable.

There is no need to wait until its start to pain! The first visit to the family dentist has to made as soon as his first tooth appears (about 1 year). It is very important because when the teeth are healthy, the baby and the dentist can meet in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Parents should set an example by showing a positive attitude to visit the dentist. You should not share your own negative experiences with the child as parent’s fear gets transmitted directly to their children. If possible, allow the children to assist in the office when you go to the dentist so that he can get convinced that nothing bad can happen. This will help him to gain confidence and he will be more relaxed and willing to visit the dentist.

Parents can also consciously prepare their child or his first visit to the dental office. This can be done by sharing their friendly pictures or videos for educational purpose, or by narrating funny stories about dentists. This will also help your child to feel comfortable and he will look forward for the visit to the dental clinic. Words like “fear” or “pain” for example “should not be afraid” or “will not hurt at all,” etc. should be avoided as much as possible because the child might get feared because of their repetitive use. You should also avoid threats like “if you do not brush your teeth, then you will have to go to the dentist.” Instead, you should encourage them to brush teeth after every meal and tell them that if they do this then they will be rewarded by the dentist twice an year, as per the condition of their teeth!

It is important to accompany your child in the treatment rule during his first visit in the dental clinic. Once he gains confidence, try to encourage him to visit the treatment room alone next time around. The child should be praised at the end of every visit. You can reward him with a hug and give him his favourite chocolates as well. All this will make him happy and he will look forward to his future visits to the dental clinic. All the best!

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