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Who We Are

Dentsply Canada Ltd.

Originally known as The Dentists’ Supply Company, Dentsply’s involvement in the Canadian market dates back to the early 1900’s but it wasn’t until 1963 with the acquisition of L.D. Caulk that Dentsply took on a physical presence in Canada. In 1964 L.D. Caulk and Dentsply merged in Canada under the name Dentsply Canada Ltd. taking up headquarters at 172 John St. in Toronto. From there business began to soar and with that came the acquisitions of such notable companies as Johnson & Johnson’s Dental Division, Ceramco, Maillefer, Tulsa Dental, Rinn, Midwest, Austenal, Astra Zeneca’s line of Dental Anesthetics and DeguDent with each business being effectively rolled into the Canadian operation.

Today, with over 80 employees and a large warehousing facility the Canadian operation is based in Woodbridge, Ontario. Supporting our dealer network, we employ over 30 sales and technical specialists to better serve Canadian dental professionals. Dentsply Canada also prides itself on its’ association with continuing education; on an annual basis we sponsor, support or solely conduct in excess of 300 continuing education programs reaching nearly 8,000 customers.

Dentsply Canada is committed to service excellence. True service is the result of two things: knowing the customer needs and the capacity to deliver need-satisfaction. The complex choices faced by customers require Dentsply sales & marketing professionals to be uniquely trained in dental applications as well schooled in consultative techniques as they offer the best possible choice for our customers.

DENTSPLY International

For over a century, DENTSPLY International has been committed to providing the dental community with innovative, high quality, cost effective dental products. From our humble beginnings in 1899, the Company has grown to become the largest professional dental products company in the world. From our facilities in 22 nations on six continents, the Company distributes its dental products in over 100 countries under some of the most well established brand names in the dental industry. Worldwide, the profession now depends upon DENTSPLY for innovative new products that advance the practice of dentistry.


Dental Office Products

Anesthesia Products


Cements and Liners

Infection Control


Handpieces and Accessories

Impression Materials

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X-Ray Products

Prosthetic Products

Fixed Prosthedics

Removable Prosthetics

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